Anyone who needs an abortion should be able to get one safely, affordably, and without stigma or political interference forcing them to delay care or be denied care altogether. Banning abortion is a harmful – and (sadly) successful – tactic used by politicians to control and punish us. The Supreme Court’s recent decision that ended the federal right to abortion created an even clearer path for anti-abortion policymakers to restrict, ban, and criminalize abortion care to advance white supremacy.

Data show that most often, the harms from abortion restrictions fall hardest on young people and people of color. Combine this with the many other discriminatory practices young people of color encounter – like restricted sex ed, voter suppression laws, state violence, attacks on trans youth, and housing insecurity – and it’s easy to see how it can be so hard for us to build toward futures where we are safe, healthy, and can thrive.

Further, young Black, Indigenous, and other people of color are historically among those most often targeted by law enforcement for prosecution of their pregnancy outcomes. No one should be arrested or face criminal charges or incarceration for making their own pregnancy decisions, including abortion – and now the risk is even greater.

That’s why we must be loud and clear that abortion bans are racist! Period.

We must do our part to ensure that everyone can get compassionate abortion care with dignity and respect, and without stigma and harmful barriers in their way. And we must center the experiences and needs of Black and brown young people.

Join URGE, and young people across the country, as we condemn racism in all its forms and fight against these extremist and cruel abortion bans and these racist politicians’ agenda to hurt and control our lives, bodies, and futures.